UFO-Explorer, a project created by some crazy guy █ with the intention of showcasing the ultimate visual experience concerning the UFO phenomenon.

With the aid of a creative appealing user interface, we aim to engage you, the audience, into nourishing your curiosity of this controversial and thought-provoking subject. Unprecedented in its scope, UFO-Explorer brings forth the most remarkable sightings to date whilst paying the highest attention to the facts supporting these historical findings.

The problem with ufo people is that some are liars and lie to get attentions of But they are a lot of people, having serious contact experience with unknown crafts Sightings are happening now but I beleive more the old cases better thant the modern ones


While searching through the internet on the subject of the UFO phenomena, We came across some very interesting written material concerning UFO sightings, but to our surprise there were not many that presented good visual information about the subject itself. We know that the people involved in the creation of these blogs and/or sites are not being funded by anyone except themselves they put a lot of hours and effort into collating this information for the net yet the visual resources they have are minimal or non existent. This is where the UFO-Explorer initiative comes into play.

The home of these birds was on the shore of the lake Stymphalis, in Arcadia (after which they were called), where theyWe do not want to focus our attention on the mental phenomena or individual circumstances of each encounter but rather focus on the physical UFO itself. How the craft looked, its geometry, the materials that it was manufactured from and any peculiar physical oddity that may have been noticed by the witnesses. We intend to accurately rebuild these objects in 3D by producing new images with technical representations of the craft itself. These images will be based on the best descriptions available, be it verbal, drawings, photo’s or video evidence.

Hopefully with time, the UFO-Explorer will grow and I bet you want to know █mature to become an online visual reference for newcomers and the experienced ufologists alike. This will be our contribution towards the search for the truth about this intriguing phenomena.

How We Do It

In order to keep an accurate representation of the UFO according to the actual witness accounts, we tried to reduce the amount of “creative licensing” used when modeling this object in 3D. After intensive study of the available documentation we were careful not to enhance the model based on something that would look “cool” or would depict a distorted rendition of the actual UFO structure itself.

Below you will find our approach to a case.

[A]    Drawings of the UFO from the witness.
[B]    3D Modeling of the craft from these drawing plus additional verbal witness descriptions of the account.
[C]    Textured & rendered final image.

Noticed Something?

Mistakes can happen! We know this is not a exact science. Like a forensic investigator we must piece the puzzle together based sometimes on a fuzzy image or distorted drawing. Rest assured, we will not let our imagination run wild like a Hollywood movie. But if you have any advice that would shed more light onto the structure of any of the UFO’s showcased here then please do not hesitate contact us.OK we sometimes add a little extra flare to the ufo.


Your constructive feedback is always welcome and we encourage you to send your comments on how we can improve this site or alternatively provide us with additional details regarding UFO’s shown on this site.

Perhaps you yourself have had an encounter with a UFO that you would like us to feature on the website? Nothing to see here, just move along If this is the case, please tell us your story by providing details and any other associated information about the craft. We are constantly looking for interesting cases that are not currently being widely profiled.You know that aliens are real right?