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A Flight Instructor Witness an Unknown Craft
September 22, 2019

An Unusual Dentist Appointment


The observation took place on May 24, 1971, from a dentists’ surgery on the first floor of a building on the Calle Pedro Molina, right in the very centre of the city of Mendoza, with a wide open pace towards the south, extending as far as the promenades of the civilian quarter. We observed, in the direction of the Military Circle, far off and high in the sky, an unidentified object (stated Señor Julio Suárez Marzal)…
I remained alone in the dentist’s surgery, while Dr. Walter Griehl ran to get some binoculars, returning just as the object was disappearing. During his absence from the room, in just a few seconds of time, a whole series of events had occurred: I had seen the object come closer and perform the most curious movements.

The object is moving silently, floating and drifting along very slowly from east to west, at an altitude of some 1,000 metres and somewhat over 1 kilometre towards the S. E. from me (rough guesses). The colour is a pearly-grey, faintly bluish, dull. Its brightness make it stand out sharply against the deep blue of the sky. At once it starts to descend with a rocking movement, and I perceive that it is slowly revolving, at least so I judge from a small bright circular mark which stands out on its surface. The object rapidly descends toward where I am, and approaches eye-level, with the astonishing speed which characterizes the close-up as shown by the camera, as it registers a dizzying succession of gradations of approach.

Now the object pours forth a dense cloud, like steam in turbulence, which surrounds it and grows . As it draws nearer it grows larger. It worries me that I can’t see it clearly (the witness is here referring not to the UFO itself but to the bright point on its surface, a will be perceived by what follows). However. I imagine it must be some kind of view-finder adapted to a tubular axis. The UFO darts sideways at such speed that it suddenly vanishes; then surprises me by reappearing much lower down, where it immediately stop, rocking to and fro slightly. When it first arrived it was incandescent, of a dark orange colour, and without the cloud around it. Now it is a clearer pearly grey.

It is very near me, at about 70 metres, and at 16º , to the S.E. While remaining stationary it now seems to glide along horizontally, moving away and then imperceptibly approaching again, like a photographic close-up. At this point in its approach I see only those parts of it that interest me and I pay no heed to the total appearance, which moreover seems cut off visually. For about four seconds it is completely stationary in the air, silent, vibrating very slightly. This is the actual flying saucer itself, a solid object, a sort of metal. l have a magnificent view of it, with absolute clarity, bathed in the sunlight. I suddenly feel myself very much alone, I experience an indescribable loneliness at the weird realization of the presence of this strange reality.

After a quick glance to take it all in. my eye is caught by one detail: the bright point mentioned previously is now close, in three-quarter profile, like an external telescopic eye; it is a short cylinder, bell-shaped, the colour of old bronze, with shining frontal areas. Attached to the upper part, on the projecting, clearer portion of the cylinder, is a tubular central fin (we could call it a handle) of the same greyish colour as the whole surface of the craft. I examine the structure of this viewer in every minute detail, and while I am studying its strange upper part the saucer gives a slight shudder and climbs away obliquely, travelling off rapidly towards the N.E., leaving me as it does so with a general view of the said upper part of the viewer; it seemed to have several other details on it, and I could make out a reddish contour on the back portion.

To my surprise, having lost sight of the saucer for some four seconds, it reappears, and even closer, and now in complete and total view, making great strange rocking movements. The thing I had taken to be a sort of “eye”, a viewer, assumes the position of a focussing lens (or, as we would say, a “sight”) and follows any given point by mean of marked corrections, upwards, downwards, right, left, centre, with the speed and the touch of someone who wants to take precise and rapid aim because of the movements of the whole body of the flying craft, including too a pronounced to-and-fro rocking motion through about 35º .

The viewer is pointing towards the parabolic shortwave antennae of the Central Post Office. The sunlight shows up the viewer more clearly, and I can now actually feel the presence of someone who, with precision and intelligence, is directing the viewer’s movements from inside the craft. (This scene lasted ten seconds in the opinion of the witness, who is accustomed to film-making.) The two appearances of the stationary saucer could have been filmed perfectly, or recorded on colour stills, for the saucer was magnificently revealed by the sunlight, thus permitting the sharpest, clearest vision. The remaining views of the saucer were extremely rapid, dancing, so that the eyewitness could not hold it well in focus.

When I first observe the saucer, it shoots away from the foreground like a bullet vanishes in the sky, then reappears instantly afterwards at a height of some 1,500 metres and at approximately 29º, towards the S.W. It slowly floats, as at the outset, from east to west. It changes shape, as when a conjurer does his tricks: at one moment it is elongated, then it is a globe. then it looks like a little hat, then it is oval, as it drifts along with a rocking motion. Suddenly, as though taking its bearings, it quivers two or three times in rapid succession, then does a right-angled change of direction and moves off fast towards the south leaving an ever-darkening veil of vapour (which assumes a pale old rose shade) that hampers vision, till finally it i lost to sight. It is very hard to say what size it was, seeing that it represents the unknown. Perhaps 6 metre in diameter and 2 metres high at its centre, as arrived at by a few calculations and sketches.

I am now inclined to think that the saucer was also training its viewer on the Central Post Office from other position : namely not only when stationary, but also when gliding along horizontally, this time as though “filming”, to judge by the long halt and the direction in which the viewer was permanently set. Quite apart from its moments of immobility, of imperceptible horizontal approach, of rocking or slow floating, situations all of’ which enabled me to observe it with the closest attention, I must remark upon the utter difference between its way of moving and the way an aircraft moves. The aircraft seems to be pulled along, and to be making a great effort. On the contrary to this, the flying saucer moved about in various directions, with an agility that is inconceivable, like a butterfly, at an unimaginable speed, beyond our laws of gravitation.


Mendoza, August 5, 1971. ” In accordance with your request, I give this public testimony, with the sole aim of furthering your investigations and your studies. that on the 24th day of May, 1971. at 12.10, In my surgery, you. Professor Julio Suarez Marzal. drew my attention, through the glass of the window. looking southwards, to an object which I saw and which, by the irregularity of its changing shape, was not identified; it was at an altitude of some 1,500 metres and at an approximate distance of ten cuadras.*. “It was moving slowly, silently, in a jerky manner. Its colour a dull bluish silver. Out of curiosity I went to get some binoculars from an outbuilding, and when I got back It had vanished.

(Signed) Dr. E. Walter Griehl. Dental Surgeon. Reg. Licence No. 204”

*Old Spanish-American measurement, 1 cuadra = roughly 100 metres.

Fig.1 The sequence of movements as the UFO floated down and overall appearance.

Fig.2 The rocking motion & lateral movements of the UFO and detail of the “Viewer”

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