Schmidrüti, Switzerland | 1980

At 11:00 am on October 22nd 1980, an extravagant looking craft came and hovered very low over the parking lot at the F.I.G.U. Center in Schmidrüti, Switzerland. From what Meier was told, this was one of a new series of ships that the Plejarens had recently developed. Because of its three tiers of decorative spheres it has become known as the Wedding-Cake UFO, or WCUFO. ”Billy” Eduard Albert Meier is the source of many controversial UFO photographs & videos. He presents a series of photographs as evidence to support claims that he has been in contact with extraterrestrials since he was five years old. The WCUFO pictures are in our opinion the most controversial one.


Of all the crafts that Meier has photographed the WCUFO is at the centre for a series of “authenticity” debates between the “Skeptics” and the “Believers”. We will not get into the details in here, but both sides have very convincing arguments. Billy Meier and his supporters claim that this is a craft that must be a minimum of 11 feet in diameter. However, research conducted by the IIG and other individuals located online have been able to identify several of the components used in the creation of this “UFO” which indicate that this is not a large scale craft, but is actually a small scale model.

Based on our analysis of the presented evidence from both the Believers & Skeptics we have concluded that this particular craft is merely a small model made from household materials. Due to its controversy we have, however, decided to feature it on our website until further evidence presented shows that this “Wedding-Cake UFO” is a hoax.


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